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Aria's Chardonnay, JC


October 3, 2005 - June 5, 2016

Sire:  DC Kirov Desperado At Aria, MC, RN, LCX, FCh Dam:  DC Svoras Whirlaway, SC, FCh
DoB:  October 3, 2005 Breeders:  Rita M. Linck & Richard Mason Terry
AKC:  HP184675/07 Owners:  Deborah & Richard Rogstad
Color:  Black and Tan Spotted on White  


Pedigree Below


Our hopes of starting over in Collies were regularly dashed when interesting breedings either didn't take or resulted in all males.  When my long-time friend Richard Terry posted on the Texas list about a litter with eight girls, I answered rather cynically that finally someone had bitch puppies, and they were even close by, but they were the wrong breed!  He invited us to come see anyway.  At the age of only a few days, one girl with black wings caught my eye.  On subsequent visits that same puppy kept calling to me.  So after some extensions to our fencing, a new chapter began.

Her litter theme was varietal wines.  So River is named for the Russian River valley, our favorite part of the California wine country which produces marvelous Chardonnays.

River prefers to be a homebody, so her primary roles are chief bed-warmer and squirrel chaser.  She is very good at both jobs.

Precious River aged gracefully, and left this plane doing what she loved, chasing a squirrel.  Run free, sweet girl.


Richmond, TX - December 29, 2007 - Photos by Shot On Site

April 22, 2007 - Dick Van Hooser Photos

March 17, 2007 - Photo by Shot On Site


Zoibius strip

August, 2006

No puppies were harmed in producing these pictures


April 8, 2006

April 8, 2006

December 26, 2005

December 26, 2005



The "Grapes Of Wrath" Litter

Whelped:  October 3, 2005

Breeders: Rita M. Linck & Richard Mason Terry

DC Kirov Desperado At Aria, MC, FCh, RN, LCX
B: 4/9/2003

DC Windrift Believe In Magic, SC, FCh, ROM


Am/Can CH
Blackmoor Echovesna's Tristan
BIS BISS Am/Can Ch. P O S H Echovesna's Islaev, ROMX-C
Am/Can Ch. Kishniga Harvester Tuppence, ROMX-C
Ch. Windrift On Your Mark, JC
Ch. Regency's Tahoe Morgan
Ch. Windrift Misty Morning, CGC, SC, TT, LCM, ROM
DC Kirov Monoceros, RN, SC, LCM, SGRC, ROM
B: 6/26/1998
BISS Am/Can Ch. Meyta's Dostoyevski, ROMX
Am/Can Ch. Insight's Eros
Meyta Tiffany
DC Kirov Nantahala, SC, FCh, ROM
Ch. Royal Mile's Class Act, SC
Ch. Kirov Aimee Duet Of Zarrob, JC, FCh, ROM
DC Svoras Whirlaway, SC, FCh
"GoGo "
B: 8/14/2001
Ch. Zimistraija Mozart Play For SV'shin, JC, FCh
B: 9/3/1997
Int/Nord Ch. Gordienko av Fjascho
Int/Nord/Jpn Ch. Timirinja's Birkovitch
Dolja av Fjascho
Int/Nord. Ch. Jelistaz Grace Of Zimistraija Int/Nord/Jpn Ch. Timirinja's Birkovitch
Sw Ch. Jelistaz Crystal Charazeewa
Ch. Svoras String Of Pearls Of Chataqua, JC
B: 11/29/1997
Ch. Chataqua's Jumping Jack Flash of Svora Ch. Kyrov's Willocrek Eternity
Chataqua's Texas Star Of Kyrov
Chataquas Celestial Glory Kyrov
Ch. Chataqua Desert Storm Kyrov
Ch. Chataquas Glorybound

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